The ILHS is a community of people in pursuit of knowledge of the best in Irish and Irish American literature and history studies. We have presented a broad range of fascinating speakers from the heights of literature and academia as well as some of the finest lay scholars in the field. We have supported and celebrated Irish studies for more than 70 years in the great City of San Francisco.

Upcoming Events

  • David Brundage Book
    Elizabeth Creely writer, public historian and speaker will speak on “Sinn Fein Shoestore” as part of her larger work of historical research on the Irish community ...

Past Events

  • proclamation
    Charlotte Headrick – November 20, 2016 on Irish Women Dramatists Charlotte Headrick, Professor Emerita of Theatre Arts at Oregon State University presented from her new ...

Special Announcements

  • ilhsmember3
    Monthly speaker events held at the United Irish Cultural Center in San Francisco are free for members. Please support the ILHS by becoming a member. ...